I am a member of the Historic Novel Society, an International organization which sponsors a conference every year in either the United States or in Great Britain and the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, headquartered in Colorado.

The 93rd Street Irregulars is a writing critique group known by its members for opinionated discussions, and helpful supportive critiques. We meet every other week to share our ongoing writing work, our thoughts about writing, and our experiences with dancing with the muse.

Outside of writing interests, we each have busy lives and families, and the individual adventures of our extended family loved ones is always on the burner, simmering away, and I am no exception. I have attended multiple dance, piano, choir and instrumental recitals, churches, soccer, baseball, ju-jitsu and taught school for a few years. I say this because the world interests me; within it, the history, characters and stories of the more anonymous personalities who inhabit his planet.

I am you, and you are me, I often think, as I understand more the challenges and excitement of most any time in history including our present. I have much to learn, but am honored to be able to share this little bit of myself in a public forum. I am also terrified to do this, but willing to stand up and add my little bit.