These are projects which have culminated in publication.

The Argument

The literary journal, Many Mountains Moving, published a short article of mine entitled "The Argument" in their 13th issue (Vol. V, No. 1).

The day began simply, but deteriorated.

The experience of his anger, the rational disappointment of their life together when he finally expressed it to her felt as though it were taking place in another, strangely disconnected body. She vaguely felt herself pulled toward the scene where she stepped in front of the car, hearing the pop! her own blunted thud of body against steel, the bloodless, guiltless exit. She watched the accident, which was remarkably sound free, and thought how easy and clean it was.

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I had an article published inĀ Montana Woman magazine - the August, 2011 issue (click on small page rendering for reader to see the article).